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About Gentleman’s Code Magazine

Founded in 2018, Gentleman’s Code Magazine (GC Magazine) is Malaysian preeminent digital publication dedicated to the education and empowerment of gentlemen’s community. 

Recapturing the codes of nobleman, GC is inspired by icons such as Tunku Abdul Rahman, JFK, Porfirio Rubirosa, Prince William, Prince Mateen and their contemporary counterparts. 

GC Magazine provides incisive, in-depth commentary on menswear and the many other elements of gentlemanly living, from manners and culture, to royal, lifestyle, the intellectual and the philosophical, and sports. 

GC Magazine’s Achievement

  1. STYLO Gentlemen Style of the Year 2019
  2. Feedspot’s Top 100 Mens Fashion Blogs on the Web
  3. Ranked #1 website on Google for:-
  • Malaysia Men with Class
  • Malaysian Best Dressed Men